Blossoming into Self-Love

Without love, what really matters?

Love is the sustaining force of all that exists. It is the essence of humanity; creating our drive for survival, our connection to others, our inquisitive nature and need for exploration and discovery. It is the fabric of our existence.

Without love, there is nothing.

Love feeds the soul, the body, the mind. Without love, we starve and kill ourselves.

Love is like oxygen, water, food. It nourishes us.

Love illuminates the darkest most broken crevasse, the haunting shadow, the forbidden abyss. There is nothing that love cannot heal. There is nothing that love cannot fix.

Depriving ourselves of love is like holding ourselves back from breathing. It suffocates the soul and depletes us of purpose or meaning.

Love is for all.

Love does not dry up or get low on supply. Love is eternal. Love is everlasting.

All any human wants is to be loved. It is the fundamental nature of how humans operate. It is the fundamental need when we enter into this world.

Love is what we came from. Love is what we will return to. It is our job while we are in this moment to know this love.

Each day witness the blossoming of this love within you.

Allow its fragrance, its beauty, its warmth and light to guide you.

Give yourself this gift, this abundance of love. Give this abundance of love to others. Feed yourself with this truth. Feed yourself with meaning and purpose.

Your love is the greatest gift that can ever be given or received.

Blossom. Be. Love.

Written by: Christie Krasteva (Owner & Founder of CEVARI)

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