Floral Waters | Harnessing the Energies of Spring

A sense of youthful exuberance arises as we witness the reemergence of flora delicately enhancing the once barren landscape. An orchestra of growth that allures us to witness the charm, dancing with the last grip of Winter’s chill. How briefly experienced are the entrancing blooms of Spring.

Cherry Blossom Trees next to a Pond

We all know just how brief the first blooms of Spring are. They are one of the most exciting and beautiful signs of longer and warmer days ahead. So how about we try to capture this beautiful and exciting energy for just a while longer? A way I like to do this is by creating floral waters.

When it comes to floral waters there are a variety of different kinds and the term is classified as a general description.

Here is a brief description of different types of floral waters:

  • Floral Essence: This is the type of floral water we are focusing on in this article. It is made with the intent to “capture” the energy or essence of a flower, and is often used in spiritual practices.
  • Floral Infusion: This type of floral water is made with edible or skin friendly types of flowers with the intent to consume or use on the skin. They are made by soaking flowers in water over a period of time to then drink or lightly mist onto the skin.
  • Floral Hydrosol: These floral waters are the remaining water after plant material goes through a steam distillation process to create essential oils. Through the distillation process the essential oil and hydrosol are separated and left with a very fragrant floral water that’s popularly used in skincare applications and even cooking. (Please Note: Hydrosols and Essential Oils are not the same. Where hydrosols are sometimes used in cooking applications, essential oils should NOT be consumed or cooked with. For more information about the proper use of essential oils, keep a lookout for a future article we’ll be putting up).

Cherry Blossom Floral Essence Flowers Floating in Water in Bowl


Essences can be made with any plant material you’d like to harness the energy of. In this case I had used the Cherry Blossom for its delicate beauty and deep symbolism of life.

In March while the Cherry Blossoms where in full bloom in our area I collected blossoms that had fallen from the trees covering a large portion of the ground. This act alone is one of aligning the self with the flow and rhythm of nature’s phases.

Thanking the tree, I then brought the blossoms home, filling a large bowl of water and placed the flowers atop to float. For spiritual practices you can give blessing to the water and envision what the plant material symbolizes. It also makes a beautiful decoration addition within the home.

I then left the essence to sit for about three days, anointing my forehead with the water periodically before adding the entire batch to a warm bath with a few pumps of NOCTIS Body Oil. A simple practice to stay deeply aligned with nature’s way of enhancing our understanding and experience of life.

Have you ever made a floral essence? Let us know in the comment section below!

Checkout this brief video of our Cherry Blossom Floral Essence:

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