Giving Back through Planting Trees

Early on through CEVARI we hope to inspire others and give back as much as we can. The opportunity to volunteer with a local non-profit was a wonderful experience, and something we look forward to participating in again.

October 24th, 2020 we volunteered with Trees Charlotte who help to preserve Charlotte, North Carolina's tree canopy. Charlotte is an urban area, but has been been known for its impressive tree population, even in a city landscape. Trees Charlotte is helping to preserve the trees in this area as the city grows and more development and construction go on. Collectively we planted 61 trees in a residential neighborhood with all who volunteered that day. We love to have a hands on approach knowing that we got to make a difference that day.

Trees provide a vital source of clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and shelter, provide coolness and shade, diversify the ecosystem, and absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

A major philosophy built around CEVARI is our connection to nature and why it is so important for us to nurture this relationship. All of us are one with nature and it is a vital source of fulfillment. It is up to us to protect the environment so that generations after us can thrive and enjoy the land.

Owners Iliyan and Christie standing by tree

Interested in finding organizations like this in your area? Search online for non-profits who are in need of volunteers. Are they cleaning up beaches, cleaning up the roadways, planting trees, improving wildlife habitats, creating community gardens? If your area does not have an organization like this, consider starting one. The earth is our home and it is up to us to protect and look after it.

With nature's touch from us to you,
Christie and Iliyan

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