How Seasons Affect the Skin | Autumn Edition

Autumn is a transition season, being warm and humid one day, and bitter and dry the next. The weather changes from one extreme to the other, and our skin may have a hard time with all of the sudden changes. This is where we often see an increase of sensitivities and dryness in the skin.

One with our Environment

The change of seasons reminds us of our direct connection to how we are impacted by nature. We are continuously adapting with our changing environment and our skin is our first line of defense to the external.

The sun starts to become more intense this time of year as it moves closer to the earth. Sunburns are still quite common, and bug bites from spiders, gnats, or mosquitoes can still occur.

As the air starts to cool and become less humid, our skin begins to change. Depending on where you live, your climate, and elevation, this could be an extreme or mild change in the skin.

Transepidermal Water Loss

When we lose water from the skin layers this is called Transepidermal Water Loss. This means that when the skin is interacting with the environment, the water levels in our skin actually evaporate into the dry air, depleting our skin of its natural hydration levels. This can lead to dry cracking skin, skin sensitivities, breakouts, or itchy flaky skin.

Sensitivities & Dryness

Often times our skin needs some help from us. Those who have a sensitive or dry skin type may experience more sensitivities or dryness at this time, but even those who have typically normal skin can start experiencing dryness or irritations.

This time of year you probably won't need a full on winter skincare routine, but increasing application of your moisturizer more frequently throughout the day and switching to a heavier cream or balm at night may be helpful at combatting dry skin.

Autumn Skincare Tips:

  • Choose products that have gentle ingredients that won't agitate sensitivities.
  • Avoid harsh foaming cleansers that strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Use a cleansing balm or cleansing oil to remove makeup.
  • Apply a heavier cream during the evening.
  • Layer LUNA Face Oil over a cream to protect and nourish the lipid barrier.
  • Apply moisturizer more frequently throughout the day if needed, such a NOCTIS Body Oil to hands, feet, or elbows which tend to become more dry.
  • Apply SPF daily.
  • Run a humidifier in your home to replenish humidity levels in the air.
  • Drink plenty of water (always, no matter the season).

Autumn Energetic Tips:

  • Breathe and appreciate the changes.
  • Ground yourself in gratitude.
  • Open to receive guidance through transition.
  • Release all, like leaves falling from the tree.
  • Quiet the mind and gaze the attention inward.
  • Harvest the lessons from the year.
  • Prepare for the deep rest of winter.

What are your favorite autumn skincare rituals and did you find any of these tips helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below! (Your privacy is protected and email addresses are not displayed to the public.)

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only. CEVARI does not make any claims to treat or cure any skin condition with any of our products. For our full disclaimer please click here.

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