The Meaning Behind our Logo - The Luna Moth

Metaphors and symbolism are very important to us here at CEVARI, that's why the task to come up with our logo required over a year of brainstorming. Then, one day the idea came to my Husband around the Fall time of 2019 as we sat on our balcony discussing our ideas. Once he said "How about the Luna Moth?" immediately I knew that was it! He pinpointed the very energy I was visualizing for our brand.

The Luna Moth had visited us right before we made a big life change to move to another state in May of 2019. About two weeks before we moved, a Luna Moth showed up on the front porch of our previous home (pictured below).

Luna Moth

The Luna Moth is a very rare specimen to ever encounter since they only live in the adult moth phase for approximately one week. The four stages they go through are egg, larva (caterpillar phase), pupa (chrysalis phase), and finally, the moth. In the adult phase they do not have mouths and do not eat. Their sole mission is to find a mate and reproduce within this short span of time. As a nocturnal creature, they fly by night and are naturally drawn to the illuminated phases of the moon, while resting during the day. Most moths are drawn to light and many researchers are still unsure of why this is so, but we can learn a great deal by what this means symbolically.

I have only ever seen a Luna Moth one other time in my life when I was much younger; at that time not knowing what it was but mesmerized by its beauty. This second sighting was just as deeply mesmerizing and intriguing. The timing of this sighting aligned so much with what I was letting go of and what I was starting anew.

What Luna Moths Symbolize

🌱 Spiritual Rebirth

🌱 Intuitive Gifts and Abilities

🌱 Deep Transformation

🌱 Guidance towards the Light

🌱 Connection to Moon Energy and Phases

🌱 New Beginnings

🌱 Focus and Mission

🌱 Purpose and Legacy

🌱 Everlasting Love

🌱 Cycles of Birth, Life, and Death

So, what can we learn about the symbolic energy that the Luna Moth possesses and the lessons this creature can teach us? Let's dive in.

Throughout the many phases the Luna Moth goes through (the same as other moths and butterflies), the first three phases are earth bound. In these phases it cannot yet fly. It must first hatch to be born into its new environment, consume what is around it, go through the transformation period as a chrysalis and essentially turn into “caterpillar soup”, to then reemerge in its most beautiful form, taking flight. This shows us the many phases we too must go through, to grow and become the most beautiful and authentic version of our self. If we are to get to the stage of flight, we too must go through the proper cycles of growth to arrive into ascendance. The stages of growth are not linear, nor are they always straight forward. If we analyze the flight pattern of moths in general, they flutter around in zigzag patterns. This reminds us that our growth and life progression is made up of many peaks and valleys. We are always presented with new opportunities to grow and ascend. 

Their short lifespan reminds us that we too have a very short experience in our physical body, and to embrace love and life. The Luna Moth knows its purpose and is focused to continue its legacy in the depths of night, guided and embraced by the illuminated spotlight of the moon. This draw towards light while in darkness is a great metaphor that we can apply into our own life. No matter how dark things may become, we must always seek and go after the light. We must find determination to stay committed to our purpose and mission.

The night also represents our subconscious and the unseen. We are encouraged by the Luna Moth to explore these hidden parts within, our shadows, our pains, our traumas; the things buried within. In this effort we are able to bring acknowledgement, love, healing, and light to these areas of the self and psyche that need mending and nurturing.

The four markings on their wings appear as eyes, and can be interpreted as the spiritual eye that watches over us. Pay attention to the colors of the soft milky green, purple, brown, and white. These colors link to earth and spirit energy and our balanced connection between these realms.

The symbolic representation of the Luna Moth has many layers, and we could go on and on exploring these symbolic representations, so we encourage you to dive into your own interpretation of this divine creature to discover what insights it brings up for you.

Our hope is that the wisdom of the Luna Moth will guide you while you use the products we create through this powerful energy and vision. We are here to offer support as you discover your own personal metamorphosis and transformation. The energy and symbolism present within CEVARI comes from a deep desire to help and lead others to live a life of meaning and fulfillment through divine purpose. If a Luna Moth makes its presence into your life, you are gifted with its wisdom and guidance. CEVARI is our gift to you, and in a small yet powerful way, we are passing the Luna Moth’s wisdom on for you to experience.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only. CEVARI does not make any claims to treat or cure any skin condition with any of our products. For our full disclaimer please click here.

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