Why Oils Benefit the Skin

The skin is made up of water and lipid components, with oil production being a natural process of how the skin functions. Our skin produces its own type of oil, called sebum. This is a naturally occurring process of the skin to help lubricate and protect the outer structure of the skin. Some individuals produce more sebum than others, and some have a hard time producing enough sebum. Adding nutrient rich oils sourced from the pressed seeds and nuts of plants encourages the skin to rebalance and rebuild the natural process of sebum production, and provides the skin with additional benefits.

Plant based oils possess essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Incorporating oils into our skincare routine helps to maintain the moisture and elasticity of the skin. Oils support collagen production, improve the lipid barrier, strengthen the skin, improve suppleness, and work very well at providing protection against harsh environmental exposure. Every cell in our body is comprised of lipids, which is a main component of cell structure. Skin cells can be supported by adding plant based oils into our skincare routine.

The body is intelligently designed from a natural source, meaning, when we choose to incorporate natural ingredients into our lifestyle our body begins to work at an optimal level. The body already knows how to process natural ingredients; ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etcetera; the ingredients our bodies were designed to thrive on.

Take this comparison: 

Fast Food vs. Home Made & Fresh from the Garden

Synthetic Toxin Laden Skincare vs. Nature Derived Nutrient Rich Skincare

The comparison is pretty straight forward and it is easy to see which choice is the healthier and more sensible decision. Feeding the body with real wholesome foods can also be looked at as feeding the skin with real wholesome skincare. The results will manifest as vitality, wellness, and nourishment.

Wholesome ingredients from the Earth work in synch with the natural processes of the body and the skin. Your body already knows how to process natural ingredients, whereas an unrecognizable ingredient may be processed in an entirely different way that could potentially be dangerous to our health. It is built into the structure of biology and all living things to have a harmonious flow with nature.

Nature is a vital and necessary source to optimal wellbeing. That's why when we incorporate real ingredients into our everyday habits, we will start to notice healthier and happier skin.

Oils are truly a powerhouse for optimal skin health, and we encourage you to experience them in your daily skincare routines and rituals.

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