Meet Christie Krasteva, the Founder and Lead Formulator of CEVARI. She is a Certified Organic Skincare Formulator who graduated in 2018 from Formula Botanica's Entrepreneur Program with Diplomas in Organic Skincare Formulation and Advanced Organic Cosmetic Science, amongst many other certificates in the field, alongside being a Certified Herbalist.

Christie Krasteva Owner and Founder of CEVARI NATURALS

Christie develops every formula and produces them by hand in small batches, combining nature's finest ingredients into gentle formulas that nourish the skin into a healthy state. She ensures that every formula works in a synergistic way with the skin and senses.

"As a formulator I’m constantly researching and learning through books, scientific literature, experiments, and hands on experience with ingredients and formulation, though what compliments my research the most is being outdoors in the elements of nature. It is the source of my inspiration and creativity that fuels my work. The deep connection to nature is something that every human has born within them and the root of what I hope to inspire in others – to stay closely connected to this source."

She has dedicated herself to bring the source of nature into the everyday self-care rituals we all have. Toxins have dominated the scene for too long and have caused far too many issues in the functions of the skin and overall health.

Through aromas, sensory feel, and nourishing the skin with natural ingredients, she enjoys encouraging and reminding others that they are enough, connected, and can achieve healthy skin.

"This connection to nature is everything. I’ve always felt it strongly and knew I had to have a career sharing nature with others in some way because we all share this love and belonging to such a beautiful source. It's something that we are all innately a part of. It's a passion of mine to be able to help others and give them something that brings them joy. That's one of the most fulfilling feelings in this world."

Owner Christie outside holding her products and smiling

The first two products in their line, LUNA Face Oil and NOCTIS Body Oil, were developed by Christie for those who have sensitive skin. Many people experience sensitivities due to toxic overload from the daily conventional products they use. Gentle and effective formulas help those with sensitive skin find relief and a safe transition into using natural skincare.